5 new PFP NFT banners to add a touch of personality to your Twitter profile

PFPs was once the primary way to enter the NFT market, meanwhile, NFT profile banners (known as PFBs) are emerging on platforms like Twitter.
May 11, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Some of the first NFTs that have ever been created were in the form of PFP (picture of proof) and often used as social media profile pictures. The first PFPs that emerged were “CryptoPunks” which are 10,000 computer generated portraits of punks in the size of 24 by 24 pixels. At first, its creators gave CryptoPunks away for free so anyone with an Ethereum wallet could claim one. During the NFT boom in 2021, the Punks gained value in a parabolic rise. In Q2 of 2021, other projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Meebits, Pudgy Penguins and others rallied the PFPs to the fore. Even Christie’s curated an exclusive PFP NFTs sale. 


Today, NFT profile banners are gaining popularity on platforms like Twitter and Discord as well. Like their PFP avatar counterparts, banner NFTs also serve as a PFP or a verification of their ownership of the NFT asset. Moreover, They allow users to express their identity online through profile customization, such as applying an avatar and biograph


Here are 5 up and coming PFB collections to add a touch of personality to your Twitter or Discord profile:

Midnight Breeze


The most popular NFT banner collection is Midnight Breeze - a series of 6,969 NTFs designed by Dutch artist Dutchtide. Its floor price is 0.33 ETH and generated over 3,000 ETH in secondary sales. 





Nekomura is a collection capped at 295 illustrated banner NFTs due to popular demand, each with a distinct Japanese theme and signature anime style. The collection is designed by YuYiki Han. 


Sebastian M Vibes



Artist Sebastian M Vibes explores relaxed island and ocean themes, and evokes tropical vibes in his NFT banners. 


The Banner Project



There are currently only two NFT banners from the Banner Project since its launch two weeks ago. They are in collage style and pieced together to give the banners a surreal look. We're excited to see more from the collection!

PunkScapes, an NFT banner collection inspired by the OG CryptoPunks


Launched in September 2021, PunkScapes are a collection of 10,000 NFT banners stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The banners feature pixelated landscapes and cityscapes you can find on both the PunkScapes website and OpenSea.


Source: PunkScapes, Midnight Breeze# 6140, Neko# 100 from Nekomura, Salty Skin Bannerama# 01 by SebastianMVibes, Banner# 2 from the Banner Project, PunkScapes #2630


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