Absolut Vodka sets up Coachella Metaverse experience

Absolut launches Absolut.Land to bring Coachella fans together in series of virtual and physical experiences in the Metaverse.
April 14, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

On April 15, Absolut Vodka, owned by Pernod Ricard, launched its experience to bring fans of Coachella to its Absolut.Land located in the decentralized Metaverse.

The virtual event aims to highlight its decade-long partnership with music festival Coachella and to expand its services to the Metaverse. 


Accessible to anyone over the age of 21, Absolut.land is where art, fashion, music and liquor converge and an attempt to bring people together both in person and online and build the brand’s real and virtual presence.

Users can explore a Decentraland building designed in the image of a bottle of Absolut, that features three floors with over 10 interactive experiences, all of which are inspired by the brand’s products, heritage and passions. 

The first floor features The Absolut bar, where Coachella goers can become virtual bartenders in Absolut.Land through a physical kiosk and interact with avatars of people attending the virtual event from the comfort of their own homes. The second floor features The Museum Gallery and The Selfie Room, where at-home users can observe Absolut art and take selfies. On the third floor sits the PRIDE Tunnel and The Rainbow Rave, where at-home users can explore a pride-themed rainbow room to learn about Absolut’s involvement and support for the LGBTQ+ community. And celebrate LGBTQ+ artists by dancing to their music. Those who post their experience on this floor will be rewarded with pride-theme Absolut.Land wearables.

The Garden is a space where fans can get collectibles and The Citron Media Room is where they can get news of the event, from the latest happenings of the Absolut.Land, NFT wearables and more. The Outlook is where fans can see Absolut. Land from a vantage point.

The digital future of Web3 and the Metaverse appear bright, a report from Bloomberg forecasts the Metaverse to generate US$ 800 billion in revenue worldwide by 2024.

Absolut’s partnership with Coachella is one of the latest brands to rush into the metaverse with products and services. After Wendy’s opened a fast-food virtual restaurant on Meta’s Horizon World’s platform. And Heinken’s virtual beer (brewed in pixels) in its first bar in Decentraland last month.


Photo: Absolut



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