Abu Dhabi to provide free crypto domains for all women living in the city

Abu Dhabi Investment Office and Access Abu Dhabi partnered with Unstoppable Domains to launch this Web3 education initiative.
June 07, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) partnered with Web3 identity platform and NFT domain name provider, Unstoppable Domains to give away free crypto domains to all women who live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital. 

The initiative, spawned from a meeting where entrepreneurs from Access Abu Dhabi, a U.S. based program that helps female-led business expand into the UAE and ADIO, aims to bring more opportunities for women to learn about and participate in the Web3 space in Abu Dhabi. 50% of the small to medium-sized enterprises are owned by women in the city and only 5 - 7% of all cryptocurrency holders are women and 12% work in the Blockchain industry, Adio said in a statement on Thursday. The initiative will help bridge the gender gap in the industry. 

The Unstoppable Domain names are NFTs that allow users to record and store their data on the Blockchain and give them complete ownership of their data. They are minted like NFTs and replace wallet addresses with the domain name. Moreover, they allow users to earily create and host websites on Web3.

Unstoppable Domains’ Senior Vice President Sandy Carter said the mission of the initiative is to give power back to the people. A ‘domain in Web3 is actually a domain with superpowers,’ she explained in an interview with Blockworks.

In a Twitter post, ADIO explained that the domains will offer women of Abu Dhabi a decentralized web address and digital identity which gives them full control of their data and content within an autonomous Web3 space.

Abu Dhabi is looking to encourage participation in the web3 space by women across all communities as the emirate ramps up its efforts to become a Middle East crypto hub.

Photo: Unsplash


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