Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, and other Web3 platforms form the Open Metaverse Alliance

The organisation will propose standards and ensure interoperability across the Metaverse.
July 22, 2022 - Tom Peters

Several firms in the blockchain and Web3 industry have come together to form the Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3 (OMA3) to ensure interoperability across their metaverses and improve the adoption of metaverse technologies.


Alien Worlds, Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Space, Superworld, The Sandbox (SAND), Upland, and Voxels make up the inaugural members. According to the official press release, the organisation will propose standards and facilitate collaboration between various stakeholders of Web3 and other industries. 


OMA3 will exist as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) to ensure a governance system that is 'transparent and user-centric.' It aims to concentrate on specific metaverse-related topics, such as standards for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), protocols, transferable identity, portals between virtual worlds, mapping, and indexing.


OMA3, along with the Metaverse Standards Forum – a similar metaverse-focused organisation with members including Microsoft, Nvidia, Adobe, and more – would work to create standards and ensure interoperability for the metaverse.


'We want your Avatar to be more than just a virtual representation, and also carries your reputation as anyone can see on-chain which NFTs you hold, earned, created, or bought, the full history of transactions, and as well hopefully the progression/actions you have contributed to throughout time,' said The Sandbox co-founder Sebastian Borget as he explained the type of issues OMA3 hopes to resolve.


OMA3's announcement promises to explain the organisation's vision at the Global NFT Summit in London on Friday.


Photo: Forbes


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