Animoca Brands partners with OliveX on move-to-earn game Dustland Runner

Animoca Brands brings new opportunities for players through a whitelist campaign in OliveX's Ape Operation
May 11, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Animoca Brands has partnered with OliveX to launch a whitelist campaign for OliveX’s move-to-earn (M2E) game Dustland Runner. The whitelist campaign will allow players to join the mint of Dustland Runner’s Operation ape: exclusive access pass NFT (Access pass) this May.

Players who complete the missions in the game will be rewarded with OliveX Fitness’ Metaverse utility token - DOSE. Access pass holders will get to participate in more missions and gain additional rewards.

Animoca Brands will receive 30 whitelist spots for six of its subsidiary projects: The Sandbox, Benji Bananas, Crazy Defense Heroes, REVV Racing, Torque Squad, GAMEE and MadWorld.


The whitelist spot winners will be able to mint Access passes. The way you may win is to simply follow the project’s social handle. Winners will be announced on Animoca Brands’ Medium blog in two weeks.

Players can also join the allowlist by:

1. Creating a Dustland Runner account

2. Download the Dustland Runner app 

3. Play and complete missions in the game and earn three “completion tickets” on the inventory or holding three Kettlemine NFTs

Finally, Operation Ape Access pass holders can complete ape-themed missions to earn DOSE from its exclusive reward pool. In a month, OliveX will create a liquidity pool to allow DOSE/ Apecoin trading pairs. Ape coin is a ERC-20 governance and utility token issued by Apecoin DAO and used to support a decentralized community leading the Web3 ecosystem.

Operation Ape offers players (Dustcaps) an opportunity to tackle exclusive missions to save the leader of a hidden colony of apes(St Jenna OneOne) from a wasteland pirate takeover.  


About OliveX 


In November 2021, OliveX raised US$ 5,562,675 with support from Animoca Brands, which became its subsidiary and resulted in Animoca Brands holding 33% shares of OliveX. Thus, wielding great influence in OliveX’s strategic journey into the Metaverse.

Dustland runner is the first proof-of-workout audio fitness blockchain game for runners, who move-to-earn through immersive stories in a post-apocalyptic game setting. The runs they go on will allow them to earn NFTs and DOSE. These rewards will allow them to advance in the game to tackle more difficult missions.

Dustland Runner is based on OliveX’s earlier game ‘Zombies, Run!, which reportedly hosts 30,000 active users per month on average.

OliveX’s native token and reward mechanism

DOSE is an ERC-20 fungible token and is an abbreviation for: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin. DOSE tokens can be earned by completing workout games in the Sandbox, including Dustland Rider, Dustland Runner, 22 Pushups and more.

M2E economy

Move-to-earn games have emerged as a trend following the popular play-to-earn games this year in the GameFi world. GameFi is the merging of gaming and finance, allowing players to earn money through playing video games and participating in decentralized finance communities. Its marketcap is currently over US$ 11.6 billion, with a daily trading volume of around US$ 2 billion.

Depending on how the gaming economy is established, players can participate through earning in-game tokens, staking, yield farming, holding NFT assets in the form of avatars, land and more.

Meanwhile, move-to-earn games follow the GameFi model, but focuses on health and fitness and rewards players for their physical activity. Popular M2E games include STEPN, Genopets.


Photo: Animoca Brands


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