Augmented reality platform Overly announces integration with OpenSea

AR platform Overly teams up with OpenSea to bring NFTs into reality.
May 11, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

The do-it-yourself augmented reality platform Overly announced its integration with OpenSea. The initiative will empower creators to interact with their NFTs using Overly.

Overly is a no-code, step-by-step augmented reality creation application, users can access an enhanced visualization opportunity. Now, creators can launch their NFTs directly from OpenSea with Overly’s augmented reality platform.

Through this strategic partnership, Overly allows creators to create augmented reality NFTs using OpenSea integration, simplifying the process of having to launch a trading platform. Creators can also apply AR to NFTs by copying a hyperlink to their digital assets on Overly’s 3D editor. Overly will then extract the NFT’s metadata to allow it to be visualized on the hosting platform.

Creators can also upload their digital image to the Overly AR creation tool to visualize NFTs from other platforms. OpenSea NFTs supports 3D formats (GLTF, GLB and FBX) and 2D formats (JPG, PNG and MP4).

Looking to the future, Overly also intends to integrate its AR platform to other NFT marketplaces. The company is also due to launch Web3 AR functionality in the next few months to empower markless object visualization. The goal is to connect NFTs to its physical counterpart and AR so creators can interact with their digital assets.


Photo: NetNewsLedger


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