Axie Infinity NFTs see a 205% increase in sales volume in the last week

The popular play-to-earn game seems to be on track to recovery following the disastrous hack it experienced in late March.
July 12, 2022 - Tom Peters

Last week, Axie Infinity co-founder Jeff Zirlin announced on Twitter that 22,000 Axie NFTs sold in 24 hours – a significant jump compared to the 7,000 recorded sales a few weeks ago.


Cryptoslam reports that Axie Infinity made about $1.3 million in sales from 23,100 buyers in the last week, marking a 205% increase in sales volume.


Earlier this month, the P2E game introduced staking support, which allows Axie Land NFT owners to passively earn weekly rewards in the game’s native Axie Infinity (AXS) token. This has contributed significantly to the increased demand for the game NFTs. According to the Ronin Chain explorer, about 91% of the 16,794 circulating supply has been staked.


The game also launched 'Origin,' an update that introduced new game modes and brought 600,000 new sign-ups as of mid-June. Origin is still in early-access users to collect, trade and battle each other with their playable Axie monster NFTs.


Despite the meteoric rise in sales volume in the past week, Axie Infinity still ranks 18th on the NFT best seller charts – a far cry from the glory days it experienced in 2021. Nonetheless, Zirlin believes the project is 'healing.'


The Axie team is reportedly looking at further expanding the game and has already settled on building an “entire gaming universe” rich in lore, similar to iconic titles like the Lord of The Rings and Star Wars.


The team has promised to release lore around Lunacia – the game’s fictional world – in partnership with the Strider DAO in the nearest future.


In other news, Axie Infinity reopened its Ronin bridge last month after months of inactivity. The Ronin bridge is a sidechain built for the game which allows users to transfer assets between the game and the Ethereum network. It was closed in March after hackers stole over US$600 million worth of cryptocurrency tokens from the bridge.


Photo: Axie Infinity


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