Azuki auctioned gold NFT-backed skateboards for record-breaking $2.5 M

Azuki auctioned off 8 gold plated skateboards embedded with decentralized tracking chips for US$ 2.5 million.
October 25, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Azuki announced it has amassed a record-breaking US$ 2.5 million selling on 8 NFT-backed, gold plated skateboards in an auction hosted by Chiru Labs, creators of the Azuki brand on Friday.

The skateboards are plated in 24 karat gold and weigh 45 pounds, according to Chiru Labs. Chiru Labs advised that owners not try to ride them.

Each skateboard comes with a decentralized tracking chip technology and physically-backed tokens, PBTs. This marks Azuki’s introduction of PBTs, which links the physical assets to a digital token on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to redeem the physical skateboards by burning the NFTs.

At the close of the auction, the top  ‘Dragon Emblem’ board changed hands for a massive 309 ETH (US$ 400,000) while the lowest successful bidder took home the Frog Emblem skateboard for 200 ETH (US$ 260,000).

Other skateboards sold at the auction include the Cat emblem Golden Skateboard, the Red Panda emblem Golden Skateboard, the Earth emblem Golden Skateboard, the Water emblem Golden Skateboard, the Lightning emblem Golden Skateboard and the Fire emblem Golden Skateboard.

Photo: Azuki


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