Balmain and MINTNFT launch fashion industry’s first NFT membership program

The Balmain Thread will offer members access to in-person and digital events, community voting privileges, NFT drops and more.
September 29, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

French fashion house Balmain announced that it has partnered with Premium minting platform MINTNFT to launch an NFT membership program.


The NFT membership program, titled ‘The Balmain Thread’ will premiere on the eco-friendly XRP Ledger at Paris Fashion Week, making Balmain the first fashion house to create an NFT membership program. 


The Balmain Thread is the bespoke edition of ‘The Club’, MINTNFT’s membership, loyalty, and rewards product that is powered by Web3 technology. The program will oversee Balamin’s NFT offerings and exclusive access to upcoming Balmain moments, including special events, house collections, surprise drops and dynamic digital experiences. Membership program also features in-person and virtual events, rewards, community voting privileges.


The first series of members will be invited to join on September 28 during Paris Fashion Week while the program will launch later this year and have an intake of 10,000 members. 

Meanwhile the program will debut at Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week event, where users will be able to take photos with their phones and mint their favorite Balmain Festival fashion moment into their own unique digital collectible on the XRP Ledger. 


‘We believe Web3 will drive a new wave in engagement, enabling companies to unlock access and provide richer experiences for their communities like never before,’ said James Sun, CEO and co-Founder of MINTNFT. ‘As a leader in innovation, both in fashion and technology, Balmain is the perfect partner to deliver this next evolution of NFTs and blockchain.’


Photo: Balmain


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