Blockchain game developer Horizon raises US$ 40M in series A round

Horizon plans to use the new capital to enhance and grow its games and Web3 platforms, Skyweaver, Niftyswap marketplace and Sequence development wallet platform.
October 07, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Horizon, the Web3 startup behind NFT trading card game Skyweaver, announced it has raised US$ 40 million in a Series A funding round on October 4.


Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital led the funding round, which also saw prominent traditional video game publishers Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive participate. Other backers include Polygon, Bitkraft, Everyrealm, Xsolla, Initialized Capital, Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke,  Lolli co-founder and CEO Alex Adelman,  The Sandbox co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget and Axie Infinity co-founder and Sky Mavis COO Aleksander Larsen

Horizon said it plans to use the capital to build out its Sequence development wallet platform that allows creators to build their own Web3 games and apps, launch Niftyswap marketplace used for Ethereum and Polygon games and collectibles, expand Skyweaver game and to hire more staff.


Skyweaver is a digital fantasy trading card game represented as Ethereum NFT assets that can be sold and traded, launched in beta mode earlier this year. 


‘With Sequence, we enable builders to create the next generation of Internet experiences; with Skyweaver, we deliver a fun, strategic, and rich piece of content for gamers to enjoy; and with Niftyswap, we enable the seamless Exchange of SFTs, which are poised to become some of the world’s most useful and traded virtual goods,’ said Horizon’s CEO, Peter Kieltyka.


Photo: Horizon


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