Budweiser and Zed Run gallop into the Metaverse with NFT wearables

Budweiser has partnered with Ethereum-based game platform Zed Run to bring NFTs, competitions, exclusive merch and other perks for holders.
June 08, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Beer brand Budweiser announced a marketing and sponsorship deal with Zed Run, an Ethereum-based NFT horse racing game to move into the GameFi space. 


The news comes after the beer brand’s recent partnership with NBA legend Dwayne Wade, Beer.eth ENS name purchase and having Bud Light join a DAO and put NFT imagery into a Super Bowl advertisement. 


‘Working creatively alongside Budweiser, an iconic brand that epitomizes the American dream, opens up more opportunities for our expanding Zed Run community,’ said CEO and co-founder of Zed Run creator Virtually Human Studios Chris Laurant, in a release.


The latest partnership will incorporate Budweiser’s Clydesdale mascots into the Metaverse via the Zed Run game. The two will release in-game horse designs based on its Clydesdale mascots, along with a Budweiser-themed race track in the game. The brands will also work together to launch in-game challenges, with US$ 185,000 prize money committed, and exclusive merchandise.


On 9 June 2022, they will launch 2,500 Budweiser Go NFTs, unlocking a variety of exclusive utilities, airdrops, and chances to gain IRL giveaway encounters. These passes will be sold at US$ 225 apiece, accompanied with a flat gas fee. 


The first launch is scheduled at 6pm EST, kicking off with a 24-hour early accessibility window. Individuals will be required to own Budverse Heritage Cans and a Genesis racehorse, or a NASCAR ZED Operate pass for early access to the sale before the public launch.


In July, Budweiser pass holders will receive a Budweiser Clydesdale skin, as well as a Metaverse wearable t-shirt that can be worn by avatars in Decentraland.


There will also be several challenges and tournaments that offer participants up to US$ 95,000 in prizes and a year-long supply of beer. They will start from July and end with the big tournament in December. Meanwhile, exclusive merchandise will be distributed among NFT holders in November. 


When the campaign concludes in early 2023, Budweiser and Zed Run will offer a ‘burn-to-earn’ option for NFT holders with rewards yet to be disclosed. 


Photo: Budweiser 


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