Chains NFT could become the first jewellery store in the Metaverse

Founder hopes they can forge partnerships with more prominent brands.
January 07, 2022 - Tom Peters

Founded by Jacob Bamdas and the CryptoJeweler, the Chains NFT project is set for a public sale on January 10.

The collection - available on OpenSea - will include 10,000 unique "hyper-realistic pendants and chains" with a floor price of 0.134 ETH. Owners can even choose to show off their NFTs by translating them into real jewellery pieces.

"We want to bridge the gap between where the NFT space was and where it's headed," Bamdas explained in an interview. "I wasn't a heavy believer in NFTs until quite recently [but] the second I realized the potential of the space, I knew I needed to create something different."

Like most valuable NFTs, Chains NFT is a community-focused project, and the team claims it is putting community first, along with the project.

The team plans to channel earnings back into the project to maximize its potential and benefit users. Benefits include the ability of holders to earn passive income from sales in the Chain's metaverse shop, membership to an exclusive club, and access to real-life "Holder's Only" events at venues around the world.

"We've grown organically to 23,000 members on Discord and 10,000 on Twitter in about seven weeks," Bamdas added. "Without our community, we would be nothing."

The Chains NFT team revealed they have lofty ambitions for the project. Bamdas wants to create the first metaverse luxury jewellery boutique on the Sandbox. 

He hopes to collaborate with brands like BAYC, RTFKT, and Meebits for future NFT projects. Brands like Tiffany & Co., or Louis Vuitton, on the other hand, Bamdas would like to partner with them to offer utility for the Chains community.

Photo: Chains


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