Coinbase wallet now allows users to view their NFTs

Coinbase’s new browser extension would allow users to view their NFT collection in their browsers.
December 16, 2021 - Tom Peters

Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet, Coinbase is adding a bunch of new features to its self-custody wallet, Coinbase Wallet. These upgrades would be looking to improve user experience in decentralized finance (DeFi) and in collecting non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Earlier this week, Coinbase revealed a new NFT support for its wallet browser extension. Coinbase wallet users would be able to view their NFT collections and details via a yet-to-be-released version of the extension. They would also be able to access popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

This particular update is expected to drop in a few days, and users would need to have the latest version of the browser extension installed to use it.

Other Noteworthy Updates
Last week, Coinbase also released improved support for testnets and alternative networks to help users efficiently manage their tokens across various supported networks.

The company also added EIP-3085 (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) support, which allows dApps to suggest a specific network to the user. This makes switching between networks as easy as possible and improves the overall user experience.

The integration of decentralized exchanges to the Coinbase mobile Wallet home screen was also done this year, allowing mobile users to trade tokens from their mobile app. The most recent update was bringing the native DEX trading functionality to the Coinbase browser extension for desktop users.

Coinbase also announced future support for hardware wallets in early 2022, a bid to improve its security and flexibility of choice for users.

All of these are building blocks to Coinbase’s web3 project to improve accessibility and ease-of-use to even more people.

Even before the popularity explosion of NFTs, Coinbase has always been a leading cryptocurrency platform. Commonly recognised as a cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase’s diversification into crypto wallets and NFTs are ways of securing itself as a global leader on the crypto scene. There are even talks of launching a Coinbase NFT marketplace to rival existing providers like OpenSea.

CoinMarketCap currently ranks Coinbase as the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, just behind Binance, which already supports an NFT marketplace and recently announced support for multi-chain NFT deposits and withdrawals.

Photo: Coinbase


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