Decathlon releases its first NFT sneakers for street football fans

Decathlon partners with football world champion and energy-efficient blockchain to create latest NFT sports collectibles.
April 27, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Decathlon partnered football world champion Sean Garnier to release its NFT collection- Kipsta Barrio today. The collection features 2,008 sneakers designed by Garnier to portray the one year rise to achieving world championship in Brazil.


Each NFT comes with a “Golden Ticket”, which gives the holder access to immersive football experiences with the world champion. Garnier wants to spread his love for freestyle soccer and designer shoes. 


“For Decathlon, the Kipsta Barrio project is the first step in the world of Blockchain and NFT. We therefore wanted to surround ourselves with partners who are references in their universe. We hope that this collaboration with Séan Garnier will call for many others and we can’t wait for the public to adopt this new pair,” said Valentin Auvinet, NFT leader at Decathlon.

Decathlon utilizes Tezo’s eco-friendly blockchain solutions to bring their NFT project to life. Like other major sports brands vying to increase engagement with their fans. The NFTs will increase the value and security of physical sports memorabilia onto the blockchain through tokenisation. They allow fans to trade with other collectors around the world as a new way to connect and earn money.

About Decathlon


Decathlon is a global sports goods retailer with over 1697 stores in 60 countries and regions as of 2020.
“Decathlon has been recognized for years for its innovation. We are happy to see they are deploying their first NFT on Tezos. And who better than freestyle soccer world champion Séan Garnier to symbolize this project!” said Hadrien Zerah, Managing Director at Nomadic Labs.


It is now striving for another goal to set itself apart from other sports giants in Web3 by using Tezos, a blockchain that has increased in energy efficiency on a per transaction basis by more than 70% according to Tezo’s website.

Sports NFT trends around the world


NBA’s launch of ‘The Association’ NFT collection will transform based on the players’ performance over the course of the playoffs. The number of dunks, blocks, threes, rebounds and assists; the NFT’s backgrounds and frames will also change.

Sorare, the most popular football fantasy game, offers players from over 180 football clubs, and over $200 million worth of NFT cards to buy, sell, trade and manage a virtual team. 


Multinational professional services network Deloitte predicts that up to 5 million sports fans will buy or receive an NFT in 2022, with limited edition videos and player cards as the most common and lucrative. Deloitte also projects the global sports NFT trade will exceed US$ 2 billion in transactions this year. 


Photo: Decathlon


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