Flyfish Club serves up NFTs with fine dining experiences

The exclusive club is using NFTs to verify membership.
January 07, 2022 - Tom Peters

Now officially recognized as the world’s first NFT restaurant, the Flyfish Club just held a public sale for its membership tokens through NFTs. Its private presale for 350 NFTs took place on Dec 15 2021, while 1,151 NFTs on January 7, 2022. Its sales are flying high - with all tokens selling out in just a few hours. 

Founded by the VCR group – entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, and restaurant veterans Josh Capon and David Rodolitz, including partner Conor Hanlon – the Flyfish Club (FFC) is an exclusive private dining club where membership is purchased as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT). Its members are privy to access the restaurant and its various culinary, cultural, and social experiences.

Flyfish Club Takes the Lead with the Use of NFTs as Membership Tokens in IRL Clubs


There are 3,035 membership NFTs in total, which are split into two classes; the regular FlyfIsh (FF) and the rarer Flyfish Omakase (FFO).

There are 2650 Flyfish with the same design priced at 2.5 ETH each. Holders get access to the Flyfish Club venue in New York – set to open in 2023 - including physical and virtual events.

Alternatively, the remaining 385 Flyfish Omakase comes in seven various designs, and each costs 4.25 ETH. Holders of this NFT enjoy all the benefits of the regular Flyfish members as well as access to an Omakase room where a master sushi chef serves them.

There’s even an opportunity to earn passive income; apart from being able to resell their membership, FFC members can also choose to lease out their memberships monthly.

FFC also revealed that it is currently reserving 1,534 Tokens that would be used to build the brand further, engage the NFT community, create partnerships and collaborations, or sell/gift to ensure the project is sustainable and scalable.

Flyfish Club as the First Offering from VCR Group


Although this is the VCR Group’s first joint venture into the NFT world, Vaynerchuk – popularly known as Gary Vee - is an experienced player in the NFT space. 

Gary Vee already has a successful NFT project called VeeFriends, which is currently among the most valuable NFT collections on the secondary market. He recently launched another collection called Book Games based on his latest book.


Photo: Flyfish Club


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