Footage of Nelson Mandela’s release sold as NFTs

250 NFTs that feature never-before-seen footage of Mandela's release from prison on Robben Island in February 1990.
August 11, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Probably Nothing, a leading Web3 media brand, launched a commemorative NFT to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s legacy. 


The 250 NFTs feature never-before-seen footage of Mandela's release from prison on Robben Island in February 1990, were dropped on Vault by CNN’s website. 


According to creator and co-founder of Probably Nothing Jeremy Fall, the NFTs were created with a photo of Mandela’s jail cell and repurposed to represent Mandela’s character. The view of the flower garden from the prison bars represent Mandela’s hope of humanity, while the colour blue that dominates the artwork represents freedom and inspiration. 


Each NFT was priced at US$ 100 while a US$ 80 discount was offered to current holders of Vault’s ‘First Collectors Coin.’ In addition, holders of both the Jeremy Fall and Vault by CNN NFTs, will receive exclusive access to future collaborations between Vault by CNN and Probably Nothing.


Aaron Ahmadi, co-founder and COO of Probably Nothing said the NFTs were created to shed light on Mandela’s legacy ‘as well as a historic moment in time that captivated people worldwide and led to upending apartheid in South Africa. Both Probably Nothing and CNN see the importance in this moment and other moments in history, and we’re pleased to offer it as an NFT.’


Fall further explained that the NFTs were influenced from his upbringing, ‘I was born and raised in Los Angeles and came from a mixed ethnic background. I’ve always looked up to leaders in the world from different ethnicities who inspire change and dedicate their lives to fighting for it. Nelson Mandela was the epitome of that.’


‘Web3 helps push boundaries forward and break walls down. It represents creative freedom and the freedom to spread messages by connecting with people worldwide. I’m honored to be a part of this intersection of culture, connecting the dots between the past and the future while pushing the same mission forward.’


Photo: Reuters


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