Google Cloud forms a new team to enter Web3

Google Cloud is creating a team dedicated to building services for developers running cloud blockchain applications. The company announced its Web3 ambitions to employees on May 6.
May 11, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Google Cloud vice president, General Manager and Head of Platform Amit Zaveri announced their goal to make Google Cloud Platform the initial choice for Web3 developers.


‘While the world is still early in its embrace of Web3, it’s a market that is already demonstrating tremendous potential, with many customers calling us Web3 and crypto- asking us to increase our support for related technologies.’ Zaveri wrote via an email. 

He pointed out the increase in demand among customers seeking support for Web3 and crypto-related technologies and sees infinite potential in the market. Google Cloud aims to step in to fulfill the demand by acting as a ‘back-end services provider’.

On top of a team of specialized members who will help build block-chain related services and applications, the team will also be responsible for managing Blockchain nodes.

Zaveri clarified Google Cloud’s position as a technology instead of a direct participant in cryptocurrencies. Google also aims to develop a system to make it easier for users to explore blockchain data while streamlining the process of building and operating on nodes for validating and recording transactions.

Google aims to outpace dominant other cloud storage data providers within the Web3 ecosystem


Web3 technology uses decentralization, artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning to power decentralized apps or Dapps. 


Google’s move to support blockchain developers and Dapps will bring the company ahead of its cloud data storage competitors. It also shows Google’s commitment to bolstering the emerging Web3 ecosystem by placing itself as a technology provider for Blockchain Dapps and participants at large. 

Other big tech giants including Meta, Microsoft, Alibaba and Amazon are in the race to secure their place in the Web3 ecosystem with their own blockchain ambitions.


Photo: Google Cloud


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