HTC finally launches its Metaverse phone

The company first announced the Metaverse-focused phone at the MWC 2022 in March.
June 29, 2022 - Tom Peters

HTC’s Desire 22 Pro just dropped on Tuesday and it seems to be everything it promised.


The new smartphone comes with a suite of Web3-focused apps, which allows the user to access and manage NFTs and crypto on the phone, such as a crypto wallet for Ethereum and Polygon-based assets. One of the apps lets users buy NFTs on a marketplace and ‘create your own virtual space,’ according to a promotional announcement.


The new device was designed to be compatible with HTC’s iteration of the Metaverse called 'Viverse.' HTC’s Viverse consists of components including Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality (XR), 5G and Web3 concepts.


As one listing puts it, the phone provides ‘immersive experiences in a world where the physical, digital, and virtual interconnect — and with the capacity to run 2D and 3D content on extended reality (XR) device.’


Already, the Desire 22 Pro can work with HTC’s Vive Flow VR headset, another key element in the company’s metaverse. Using both devices together mirrors content from the phone onto the headset. A manager app allows the user to set up and manage the headset from the phone.


HTC’s cryptophones


Apart from its new launch, HTC was actually one of the pioneers trying to integrate crypto technology with mobile devices.


Back in 2018, the company launched its Exodus1 smartphone, which came with a built-in crypto hardware wallet and the ability to run a full Bitcoin node. It was also the pilot product of the following Exodus ‘cryptophone’ series.


Disregarding its Web3 capabilities, the Desire 22 Pro is decidedly a mid-range phone with specs not as impressive as those of other flagship phones from major brands this year.


However, the Taiwanese company hopes to break new grounds with its new metaverse phone while also reviving its brand from the decline it has experienced in the smartphone markets in recent years.



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