Hello Kitty and Friends NFTs are coming to the RECUR platform

Hello Kitty and friends are bringing a globetrotting NFT experience powered by RECUR and Saniro.
July 28, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Hello Kitty and Friends are making an appearance in the NFT space via the RECUR platform, in partnership with Sanrio. 


The ‘Hello Kitty and Friends’ collection will feature six beloved characters that can travel to eight iconic cities. Available starting August 25th, fans can pack their digital bags and travel alongside Sanrio’s most beloved characters on a globetrotting NFT experience.


Hello Kitty and five of her friends will serve as tour guides for fans through 10,000 NFTs generated. NFT holders can collect Hello Kitty characters and earn new digital collectibles by completing challenges in eight different cities in the Metaverse. Details of the characters and locations will be released on the @RecurForever Twitter leading up the drop. 


‘We’re thrilled to create a platform for all Hello Kitty fans, old and new, to take flight and experience the metaverse through Hello Kitty and Friends World,’ said RECUR Founder and CEO Zach Bruch. ‘Our goal is to provide a community where fans can interact and explore the metaverse with brands and IPs they love. We can’t wait to bring that to life for Sanrio fans across the globe.’


RECUR is a company that designs and builds end-to-end, chain-agnostic branded experiences that connect brands and consumers via NFT experiences. The company makes NFTs more accessible by multi-chain and deposits for all NFT experiences. Its platform also allows NFTs to be withdrawn to any Web3 wallet from supported blockchains to enable interoperability between NFT experiences.


Further, all NFT mints on RECUR are powered by Polygon as part of the platform’s investments in Carbon Offset Credits.  


More information about the NFT drop and updates, fans can follow  @RecurForever on Twitter and register at hellokittyfrens.xyz.


Photo: Recur


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