HolyShxxt!! Hong Kong's first NFT with football management simulation GameFi prepares for launch

Its football management game would drop three months after NFT minting is complete.
January 07, 2022 - Tom Peters

HolyShxxt!! is a football-themed GameFi NFT that integrates football, gaming, tokenomics, and artwork, and it is launching its debut NFT project on January 11.


This upcoming collection would include 8,888 images of generative soccer players made from a combination of 15 traits and over 480+ attributes.


After the NFT drop, the team behind the project still has plans for the NFT holders.


Three months following the minting of all the NFTs, the team plans to launch the HolyShxxt!! game – a play-to-earn football management sim.


Comparable to Sega's Football Manager game series, HolyShxxt!! game would allow NFT holders to manage a Player or an entire team and play games to earn Key0Coin. These Key0Coins can be used to purchase rare NFTs from future releases or acquire exclusive merchandise.


NFT holders would get access to real-life football meetups like Premier League and FIFA World Cup live-watching events, HolyShxxt!! International League and much more.


Plans for a manga series and the construction of a HolyShxxt!! stadium in the metaverse are also reportedly in the works.


HolyShxxt!! already has a list of potential partners lined up to release more NFT collections, merch and organize events for the community.


A couple of popular Japanese manga series made the list; 'Our Field of Dreams, 'Captain Tsubasa,' 'One Piece.' Other well-known NFT collections like BAYC, Cool Cat, MadBulL, DeadHeads are also included. Finally, sports brands like Nike, New Balance, Adidas, and major football leagues and players would be invited for collaboration.


HolyShxxt!! NFT already seems to be enjoying a bit of exposure.


At its pre-launch in December 2021, the collectables were displayed at the Start Art Gallery in K11 MUSEA. The Milan art unit HOAALab also referred the project to exhibit in Rome, and it has been invited for exhibitions in Melbourne and Chongqing in the coming two months.


Meet the team


LamChunMa is responsible for the idea behind the HolyShxxt!! project. An illustrator with a passion for football and sports management, he worked on the DeadHeads manga as an artist.


Rb Li is a founding member and takes the role of art director for the project. He is a movie producer and a UI/UX specialist who started working on blockchain technology in 2017. By 2020, he pivoted into fine art, with his work getting featured in galleries within a year.


Co-founder and 3D artist Liz brings experience from her personal NFT project, MadBulL – which is listed on OpenSea and currently gaining fans on Instagram.


Co-founder Onn is the technical architect of the project and created CryptoKitties' 1st generation blockchain game, KittyPillar. He has rich experience designing DApps, mobile games, and VR games.


10Past9 and Meowxx are the creative consultants and community lead for the project, respectively. Both of them are NFT-enthusiasts with an art background.


Photo: HolyShxxt!!


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