Hong Kong classic movie-themed NFT collectibles Cryptyques to launch this month

Cryptyques invites viewers to look back on and connect with Hong Kong’s cinematic past in the golden era.
June 02, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Beam+ Lab and Hong Kong based entertainment and distribution group Mei Ah Entertainment Group partnered to launch their classic movie-themed NFT collection - Cryptyques. 


Mei Ah Entertainment Group owns the majority of copyrights and IP rights for classic Hong Kong movies, boasting an extensive library of over 600 movies, such as The Silent War, The Grandmaster and See You Tomorrow. 


The Cryptyques NFT collection aims to bring Hong Kong classic films into the Metaverse and to foster an emotional connection with viewers through NFTs and help push the Web3-era entertainment forward. 


It also aims to build a community of movie lovers, film industry leaders, NFT collectors and artists via online and offline engagements. Community members will be able to take part in community-exclusive activities like movie screenings, film-set visits, talks and panel discussions, first access to movie premieres and film festivals.


Acclaimed Hong Kong photographer and director Wing Shya and Hollywood production crew that collaborated in X-Men and Transformers productions are the curators behind the NFT project. ‘Cryptyques takes a deep dive into another technological milestone that enhances the craft of cinematography—reimagining a form of artistry anew—that we feel proud of,’ said Shya. 


The Cryptyques NFT collection will be launched by Web3 art-transformation hub, Beam+ Lab. Beam+ Lab has gained interest from international investors, as seen in its success in raising more than US$ 2.2 million in its seed round funding, backed by Edvance International, Mei Ah Capital Holdings and crypto firms such as Avatar, Smnio Capital and more. 


The collection will be released in three phases - past, present and future starting June 2022. 


The first drop is ‘Desire’, featuring a collection of five NFT sets, with four launching as random mints on Cryptques’ official website cryptyques.com, with the fifth to be auctioned as an unique NFT. ‘Desire’ NFTs will each focus on one of the seven emotions, desire, fury, fear, bitterness, love, joy and loathing. They will be reinterpreted as one of Mei Ah Entertainment Group’s iconic movies from the 1980s. 


Shya said, “The Hong Kong movie industry is built on the foundation laid profoundly by the predecessors who had a strong belief in exploring unchartered territory. Just like those who laid the building blocks for us, we are ready to create a new path for future generations. CRYPTYQUES takes a deep dive into another technological milestone that enhances the craft of cinematography, reimagining a form of artistry anew, and that we feel proud of.”


CEO of Beam+ Lab, James Li added, ‘BEAM+ LAB is an art transformation hub whose mission is to build a community through art and blockchain. Our inaugural project, CRYPTYQUES, is an NFT collection that uses classic Hong Kong movies as the key medium to connect people and generations with emotions and sentiment. It is created to defy the norms of the entertainment industry by setting the tone of entertainment in the Web3 era. Through the partnership with Mei Ah Entertainment Group, we hope to shine a light on the golden era of Hong Kong classic films once again on the international stage, through a new community.’


Photo: “Desire” NFT: My Heart Is That Eternal Rose, Beam Lab+


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