Incubator Seedify drives continuous support and commitment to GameFi innovation

Seedify is expanding use cases of blockchain buy supporting creators, bringing opportunities and decentralization into the GameFi world.
May 10, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Seedify launched in March 2022 as the first gaming-focused incubator and launchpad and has committed to fostering innovation in GameFi/ the Metaverse by bringing opportunities of GameFi into the global mainstream market. It is positioning itself as the blockchain industry’s gaming incubation and launchpad platform that provides initial game offerings and support for crowdfunding and marketing.

It is currently hosting over 40 token offerings, with close to 4500 participants in its latest IGO (initial game offering). Last year, it hoste some of the most successful IGOs, including Bloktopia, Cryowar, SIDUS and more. 

Recently, the Seedify team has announced plans on four projects that are currently undergoing incubation, including Aradena, Lidyverse, Astro Hounds and Leagues of Empires, each demonstrating its own take on the blockchain gaming and the Metaverse. These projects can access an extensive support system, consulting services, marketing, tokenomics, network and other partnership opportunities through Seedify.


Deep dive into incubation


The NFT launchpad is the core of Seedify’s support, which will give SFUND (its native token) asset owners a platform to buy and sell Metaverse NFT assets. SFUND holders can buy these assets at mint or presale prices, as well as research the assets’ utilities and features on its platform.

Seedify’s NFT launchpad will also bring together creators and supporters through a crowdfunding mechanism that will allow users to stake and pre-fund NFTs, unlock special benefits and limited-edition assets. The creators with support from this launchpad will be rewarded with advisory, networking and a NFT launchpad tier system to launch their NFT collections. 


The marketplace will also offer an RNG rewards feature, offering every transaction on the platform a chance to receive a random NFT reward (depending on the $SNFS and the transaction size).

$SFUND utilities and opportunities for holders

Holders of $SNFTS, have exclusive rights to distribute tokens from incubated projects to the rest of the platform users and the seed staking mechanism. $FUND stakers and farmers get the opportunity to join INOs (initial NFT offer), unlocking new opportunities to buy in-game and Metaverse NFT assets, along with IGO gaming tokens. 


On the other hand, every transaction executed on Seedify NFT launchpad, non- $SNFTS tokens for fees, the regular 2% fee will apply. 25% of all regular fees collected will be allocated towards $SFUND buybacks, reducing supply on the market.

Seedify is uncovering new opportunities and blockchain use cases in the GameFi world


Blockchain is a disruptive technology, with roots that can be traced back to one of its most famous use cases -the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 to address the global financial crisis. 


Today, the monopolistic market is being applied to the Metaverse and its immersive games. Support systems like incubators are helping small players to develop their projects and services in GameFi, whereas opportunities will continue to be deprived from them when big tech giants are the only participants in the arena.


Photo: Seedify


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