Jim Carrey auctions his first NFT artwork

Jim Carrey minted his first NFT on SuperRare and donated proceeds for Feeding America.
June 20, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

World renowned actor and comedian Jim Carrey announced he will be launching his first NFT artwork titled Sunshower and has minted the NFT with platform SuperRare. 


The Sunshower NFT features a philosophical voice-over by Carrey. The voice-over is characterized by a contemplative message, ‘ …we are not the image we create, we are the light that shows through it.. That simple sweet light is what people fall in love with.’


The artwork was rendered with acrylic paint in classic hues of blue-green-yellow and is produced in partnership with filmmaker David Bushell. Its subject is a man in the rain, which depicts the Sunshower, which is described as ‘a form of medicine with miraculous regenerative potential’ and ‘a celebration of our communal light and those quietly exquisite moments that happen for us all.’


Carrey's press release’s description for the NFT artwork reads: 


‘Originally a painting, Sunshower is an animated NFT that transforms the artwork into a self portrait with a cascade of color accompanied by a thoughtful and uplifting perspective written and voiced by the artist. A sunshower seems like you’re being given a divine gift; a form of medicine with miraculous regenerative potential. It’s hard to hang on to skepticism while the air around you is sparkling like diamonds. Sunshower was created directly from acrylic paint tubes. The backgrounds were poured and the canvas was scraped, leaving only an imprint of each color’s first contact with the canvas behind. In that way, creating Sunshower was a thrilling collaboration with chance, a long climb to a daring cliff dive. The narration is a celebration of our communal light and those quietly exquisite moments that happen for us all.’


The auction began on June 10, with a starting cost of US$ 1 and a portion of the auction proceeds will go toward a nonprofit network of food banks known as Feeding America. 


Photo: Getty


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