Jim Carrey reveals secret NFT collection under alias ‘String Bean’

Carrey explored art, fame and value with his secret NFT drop on Foundation.
September 15, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Internationally renowned actor and comedian Jim Carrey dropped an NFT collection on Foundation on May 9 in secret, under his Web3 alias String Bean. The collection, titled Germinations, was launched with help from Web3 studio Big Head Club. 

The Germinations NFT collection was launched before his publicly recognized NFTs on SuperRare in June and August and features five five animated and autobiographical paintings by Carrey. Each NFT contains a 1-minute audio of the actor narrating the characters. 

Carrey personally took videos of himself acting the characters, froze the video to create stills and painted them with bright colours. 

Next, Big Head Club converted Carrey’s paintings and audios into a single NFT art piece to bring Carrey’s artwork to life. CEO of Big Head Club Mack Flavelle said Carrey thought it was unfortunate that artwork is valued based on celebrity status instead of the quality of art. 

Hence the collection represents Carrey’s views of society’s perception of fame, art and value. 
Photo: Jim Carrey/ Big Head Club


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