Kevin Hart to launch comedy-inspired NFTs and Web3 wallet

Kevin Hart is entering Web3 and the Metaverse with diverse initiatives.
July 04, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Prominent comedian and actor Kevin Hart and his entertainment company HARTBEAT announced they will officially enter Web3 in various diverse ways in early July 2022.


Starting on July 6 (Hart’s 43rd birthday), Kevin Hart’s Roku Original special ‘Confessions from the Hart’ will launch on the Roku channel. This 30-minute animated comedy special will revolve around a series of video stories from Hart’s Instagram TV feed in which Hart himself narrates recounts of his career and life.  


The Roku Channel will also create a hub for fans to access Hart’s other bonus content, including the original Confessions and Die Hart shoes via the Kevin Hart Nation Metaverse Screening Room built in collaboration with Web3 platform Moonwalk and Metaverse platform Virtua. The companies will help bring Hart’s content into the Metaverse. 


Accompanying the comedy release is a NFT collection that features Hart and characters in the ‘Confessions from the Hart’ special. The NFTs will serve as an access key to unlock bonus content from ‘Confessions from the Hart’ and to and tickets to Hart’s upcoming comedy tour. Starting on July 7, the 10K NFT collection will be launched on the Kevin Hart Nation website, with a starting price of US$ 65 each, fans can purchase the NFTs using Ethereum or credit cards.

Then there is also the Kevin Hart Nation Wallet, which will allow fans to earn Kevin Hart’s new social token, $HART. Fans can earn HARTs by engaging in social content and can be redeemed for free NFTs and purchase exclusive NFTs and Hart Passes. The Kevin Hart Nation wallet will serve as the gateway to Kevin Hart Nation digital assets and experiences.


Hart said that his favourite thing to do ‘is make people laugh’, and through expanding HARTBEAT into the Metaverse and Web3, they can bring humour and comedy to a brand new audience.  


‘With this new technology we will be able to continue expanding our footprint into the new technological frontiers of content creation,’ and thanked his team for their forward-thinking and genuity. 


Photo: KevinHartNation


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