Lamborghini-backed GT racing team to certify car parts with NFTs

The new certification program will protect the brand’s IP rights, and ensure provenance and quality of Lamborghini’s racing car parts.
July 06, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

GT’s racing team, Vincenzo Sospiri Racing (VSR), supported by amborghini's motorsport department has announced it will launch a programme that involves using NFTs to certify and authenticate racing car parts. 


The new NFT certification program will be carried out in partnership with Go2NFT, a platform that focuses on developing corporate NFTs for businesses and Blockchain platform Skey Network. They will be able to assess and ensure the quality of the car parts.


In addition, the company said the rollout may also be expanded to certify merchandise and its other official products. This will allow consumers to be certain their pricey purchases are not counterfeit and they’re paying for the real deal. 

Vincenzo Sospiri said that the NFT certification program will be a new use case for NFTs and benefit the racing team. 


‘This also brings great responsibility – to ensure that we can securely authenticate and audit every part of our racing fleet to monitor performance and ensure provenance. We are excited to pilot with Go2NFT and the renowned team at Skey Network to build NFT certification across our cars and other products to ensure we maintain the highest standards of quality,’ he said.


Chief business officer of Go2NFT Boris Ejsymont believes that the technology will help protect intellectual property (IP) rights and build ‘trust and transparency for brands and their fans’.  


‘We believe that NFT utility can help create more trust and transparency for brands and their fans. This project with VSR is just the start of many such co-operations for beloved brands across the globe,’ he said.


Photo: VSR


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