Ledger’s genesis NFT collection sells out in less than 24 hours

The 10,000 Genesis Leger NFTs gave its holders a limited-edition Ledger Black-on-Black Nano X and access to the Ledger Market future drops.
August 03, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Ledger, the creators behind Web3’s most popular cold wallet, recently sold out their first ever NFT collection - Genesis Edition Market Passes - in just under 24 hours. The collection consisted of 10,000 assets, each priced at 0.3 ETH to mint.


The NFTs were minted on the ‘Ledger Market,’ a marketplace that claims to be the most secure platform for artists and brands to launch, acquire and store their NFTs online and offline. This is due to the fact that users can only access the marketplace via Ledger Live, a secured virtual ecosystem.

NFT Pass  holders can redeem a limited edition Ledger Black-on-Black Nano X cold wallet, which they can then use to safely store their digital assets, including crypto and NFTs. They can also connect the cold wallet to their smartphone via Bluetooth to access their wallets and the platform’s upcoming NFT drops.

Considering Ledger’s collaborations with LVMH, RTFKT, and others and new NFTs from DeadFellaz and TAG Heuer are expected to be available on the platform, NFT enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on Ledger’s NFTs. 


The Ledger Market Pass NFTs are now available for secondary purchase on OpenSea. Ledger will collect a 7.5% royalty share for each secondary sale. 


‘Ledger Market’s value proposition is three-fold. First, it is built on Ledger’s world-class security standards. Second, Ledger Market is built to be inclusive. It will be accessible to creators, brands, and newbies. Third, Ledger Market is a turnkey solution enabling true ownership and control over NFTs, from minting to storing, for all industry players.’ Ledger VP Sebastien Badault said.




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