Ledger announces new Web3-focused products

The company is launching an NFT marketplace, a Web3 solutions platform, and educational platforms.
June 24, 2022 - Tom Peters

The cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions company recently announced its latest Web3 products. 


One of these is an NFT marketplace called Ledger Market. Like other NFT marketplaces, Ledger Market allows the creation, storage, and trade of NFTs on its platform but focuses on security, accessibility, and allowing users true ownership of their assets.


Ledger Market will use clear-signing for all its transactions to ensure transparency and accountability while reducing the risk of scams.

Ledger listed Brick, Tag Heuer of LVMH, and popular NFT projects like DeadFellaz, and RTFKT among its launch partners. The marketplace will debut in July with its Genesis Pass NFT drop, which will allow holders to redeem a limited edition of a Ledger and have early access to future drops.


The company also announced Ledger Enterprise Create, a platform that allows organisations to enter the Web3 space and scale their digital value. Enterprise Create is currently live, and according to Ledger’s blog, it will “allow brands and institutions to create and own their smart contracts, mint and distribute tokens & NFTs and manage digital assets treasury,” basically giving them full control over their Web3 projects.


‘What we want to do at Ledger is to accompany creators and brands throughout their NFT journey and to secure the whole stack from minting the NFT to distribution into production,’ said Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger.


According to Gauthier, Ledger has around 2 million daily active users, and the company’s technology secures about 20% of the world’s digital assets. The CEO believes the company is responsible for guiding its users as they explore Web3.


To help introduce its users to Web3, Ledger is introducing Ledger Quest, a learn-to-earn Web3-focused game with NFT rewards, and Ledger Academy, an educational platform that teaches users about blockchain technology and security.


Likewise, the company recruited a celebrity ambassador team consisting of Mike Shinoda, Deadfellaz, Dan Held, and Bobby Hundreds to help educate their respective communities on Web3.


Photo: Ledger


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