Louis Vuitton launches a new PFP avatar NFT collection

Louis Vuitton's new game offers NFT collectibles that features the brand's avatar, Vivienne which can be used across social platforms as NFT PFPs.
April 13, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Louis Vuitton releases a new PFP avatar NFT collection in its mobile application game “Louis: The Game”. Instead of the NFTs in the form of historical postcards offered in the app, Louis Vuitton has added new levels and NFT rewards. The collection will feature the game’s avatar, Vivienne in a variety of looks and will be portable across platforms as an avatar on social networks.  

Launched in August last year, Louis: The Game aims to educate players on the luxury brand’s 200 year history. In the game, players join Vivienne and navigate the gaming space in search of and collect NFT postcards that symbolize the brand’s 200-year old history. 

In the new version of the game, players who collect a number of NFTs that portray Vivienne in different outfits can qualify for an NFT raffle event. In their mission of collecting NFTs, players have to retrieve 16 pages from a Louis Vuitton manuscript detailing the founder’s life and the founding of the brand. A limited number of ten 10 NFTs are available, which feature Vivienne and can be used across different social platforms as a PFP. The raffle closes on August 4(Louis Vuitton’s birthday, as revealed by a postcard in the game). 

PFPs are increasingly becoming a badge of honour and representative of social media user’s wealth, identity and abilities. These NFT PFPs will be valid in the metaverse, where we co-exists in an internet society. 

The NFTs were designed in collaboration with Beeple’s startup Wenew Labs and minted from Louis Vuitton’s Ethereum wallet. 

The game app already boasts 2 million downloads on Google Play and App Store, according to the brand. 

Luxury and fashion brands are increasing their efforts in exploring Web3 and NFTs and blockchain, with new play-to-earn games to attract Gen Z consumers, a group with an estimated spending power of US$143 billion. 

In the first metaverse fashion week, more than 60 luxury brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Estée Lauder, Dolce & Gabbana, and even fast fashion retailer Forever 21 showed off their collections in Decentraland. During this four day event, attendees were able to buy NFTs of the fashion brands using their native token MANA. 

The metaverse has an estimated $800 billion in economic potential, according to Bloomberg intelligence. 

Although Louis Vuitton’s chief executive Bernard Arnault stated that he is cautious of the metaverse “bubble”, the company released several projects in the metaverse. Gucci has also announced its plans to develop its own fashion metaverse on a virtual land in THE Sandbox gaming platform. 

For the first-ever metaverse fashion week, hundreds of businesses – from luxury labels like Dolce & Gabbana to fast fashion outlets like Forever 21 – took over Decentraland’s virtual streets and runways last month. The metaverse, often known as the next phase of the internet, has an estimated $800 billion in economic potential, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

Players collecting a certain number of free NFTs in the game can qualify for an NFT raffle, which goes on till August 4. The day that marks Louis Vuitton’s birthday as revealed by one of the postcards in the game. 

Instead of postcard NFTs, the new collectibles will feature the game’s character, Vivienne in a variety of looks. According to the brand, the NFTs will be distributed through a raffle event. However, only 10 NFTs are available.

Photo: Louis Vuitton


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