Mango Teen Metaverse Store debuts in Barcelona

Vibrant hues and futuristic design elements invites shoppers to delve into the Metaverse dream.
August 09, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Spain-based creative design agency Masquespacio, has created the interior of a specialty Mango clothing store for youngsters aged 11-13 in Barcelona. 

Shoppers arrive at the Metaverse Mango store through an arched blacklit tunnel entrance, as if inviting them into the Metaverse dream.


Throughout the space are various installations that took inspiration from dreams and surrealism. The swimming pool is used as an exhibition element, while a mock hotel reception is reimagined as a traditional reception desk that doubles as a cashier and pick-up counter, next to it is a fake washing machine that serves as a recycling point where teens can donate their old clothes.  

Overall, the interior is awash in vibrant green and orange, lacquered with matt surfaces and reflective surfaces that play on gender neutrality. 

The design elements take inspiration from the Metaverse and optical effects to bring a memorable and other-wordly shopping experience ‘adapted to their lifestyle’. 

According to Masquespacio, this is ‘one of the most requested shop features by the teens. Hence, ‘The new Mango Teen store is established as a world of dreams with its different perspectives and different incoherent elements, just like when we are dreaming.’

‘In this place, the dreams are made reality through the design elements that play with your mind and invite the user to interact with the objects surrounding them, bringing the metaverse world to reality.’

Photo: Mango & Masquespacio


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