Mars files NFT-related trademark for ‘SNICKERS’ to enter the Metaverse

Mars has filed a trademark application to offer virtual chocolate, confectionary, and possibly digital tokens and playable avatars.
June 20, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Mars Inc. has filed a trademark application for ‘SNICKERS’ to the US Trademark Office (USPTO), announcing its intentions to enter the NFT and Metaverse world on June 13. 


Trademark registration attorney, Mike Kondoudis announced on Twitter that the chocolate brand has applied for a trademark covering NFTs, digital tokens, virtual snacks and drinks, and crypto collectibles for its ‘SNICKERS’ brand.


According to the application, the brand intends to provide: 


  • NFTs or other digital tokens based on blockchain technology

  • Virtual products, including chocolate, confectionery, frozen confectionery, candy and gum, virtual snacks and drinks;

  • Online retail store services displaying virtual products;

  • Online virtual store environments showcasing virtual products, virtual art and avatars to be used in virtual environments.

Mars appears to be geared towards selling these NFTs on digital platforms as it references ‘online retail store services’, 'online virtual store environments’ and ‘Metaverse’. The brand may develop playable avatars as well as offer NFT ‘rewards’. The trademark applications mention digital tokens and digital currency, indicating the brand’s plans to embrace cryptocurrency. 

Other food brands are also filing into the Metaverse

McDonald’s has filed ten trademark applications to ‘operate a virtual restaurant featuring actual and virtual goods, operating a virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery.’ This may mean customers will be able to order food and beverages from the Metaverse and have them delivered physically to your door.

Mondelez & Team WPP’s  (Ogilvy + Wavemaker) Cadbury launched an immersive Metaverse ad campaign on Valentine’s Day in India. The brand partnered with YUG metaverse to implement augmented and virtual reality technology to bring couples ‘to the moon’ for a virtual dinner date.

Back in 2021, TWIX® already bought their first NFTs to the NFT space. Co-designed with  artist YEAHYEAHCHLOE, the brand introduced ‘Left NFTWIX’ and ‘Right NFTWIX,’ two seemingly identical artworks that are verifiably different thanks to the blockchain.


In the same year, chip brand Frito-Lay owner PepsiCo released a ‘SMILE ImpactNFT’ depicting internationally-loved Lay’s potato chips as part of "Share smiles with Lay's" campaign celebrating the simple power of "we" in Romania with magnetic smiles. Proceeds from the NFT sale were then donated to Let's Do It, Romania!, i'Velo by GreenRevolution, The Adi Hădean Association, and Teach For Romania, four organizations that are committed to solving educational, ecological and social issues.


Credit: Mars Inc. 


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