Metamask launches NFT portfolio value tracker with NFTBank

Metamask partners with NFTBank to provide users with a new NFT management tool and price valuation engine.
November 03, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Metamask announced a new NFT portfolio value tracker in partnership with NFT portfolio management tool and valuation engine, NFTBank, according to a Nov. 2 press release. 


The partnership will see NFTBank integrate its machine-learning based algorithms into over 5,000 NFT collections to provide users with price estimates NFT floor price, rarity, and bid, when calculating a price value of individual NFTs within a collection. 


The company says the tool offers over 90 percent accuracy in price predictions.


The new NFT portfolio aims to help NFT holders track their NFT holdings and value by integrating NFTBank’s price estimate data as standards. 

This empowers NFT holders to make better informed decisions based on their portfolio, according to Daniel Kim, the CEO of NFTBank.

‘The need for understanding the appropriate price of NFTs has become ever more clear with many learning the dramatic volatility of NFT markets the hard way, and simultaneously learning the potential of NFTs as a new digital asset class,’ he added.


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