Miley Cyrus becomes first guest in Roblox Gucci Town

The Flora Gorgeous Jasmine fragrance marks the fifth collaboration between Gucci and the Roblox Metaverse.
August 12, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

To celebrate the brand’s Flora Gorgeous Jasmine fragrance, Gucci invites Miley Cyrus into Gucci Town as their first-ever avatar guest and ambassador in Roblox Gucci Town. 


Miley Cyrus first began as the face of Gucci's Flora fragrance brand in June 2021 with a special anime-style commercial.


In this campaign, she will appear in Flora Fantasy, the digital version of the campaign as an interactive avatar to promote Gucci’s first Metaverse fragrance, Gucci Flora. The fragrance was introduced in May and is reimagined as digital wearables that players can carry around as they join scavenger hunts led by Miley’s avatar in the Metaverse.


The Gucci Flora campaign was brought to life in collaboration with Swedish game publisher The Gang. 


In the Flora Fantasy experience, players can take selfies on the Selfie Way with Miley’s avatar against a Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine backdrop as well as join different quests and challenges. 


In the scavenger hunts, players have to look for magical  ‘Flora’ letters. Winners will be rewarded. However, the rewards have yet to be revealed. Past rewards for players in Gucci Town included access to virtual products after reaching certain engagement levels like completing a number of games or treasure hunts.  


Players can buy the virtual fragrance bottle and wear it as a backpack during their Roblox experiences. According to a report by Vogue Business, a digital GG Monogram Gucci Blondie Bag was sold for 325 Robux, around US$ 5, so the Flora backpack will likely fall in a similar price range.


Photo: Gucci


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