Muse to release NFT album in the newest chart-eligible format

British rock band Muse’s upcoming album will be released as a limited-edition NFT on the Polygon-powered platform Serenade.
August 03, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

British rock band Muse have announced plans to release an NFT version of their upcoming new album 'Will Of The People', which is out on August 26 on Polygon-based NFT music platform Serenade for US$ 25. 


The album will be the first album in such a format for inclusion in the UK and Australian charts.


Muse and Serenade worked together to develop the world’s first ever official chart-eligible Digital Pressing. This is a brand new limited edition, collectible and chart-eligible music format that brings the benefits of a physical album release (vinyl, CD and cassette) and the convenience of download and streaming services. It was created to cater to their fans’ appetite for product scarcity, exclusive content, and community connectivity.  


Moreover, Digital Pressing runs on the blockchain and offers Web3 capabilities like ownership verification and the ability for holders to trade on secondary markets as well as perpetual royalties for artists, copyright holders and content owners. 


Muse’s latest NFT album is a breakthrough project that will only be released in 1,000 copies and the 1,000 NFT holders’ names will receive a downloadable version of the album accompanied by a digital signature by Muse’s band members, their names will also permanently be listed on the linked roster of buyers. 


Martin Talbot, Chief Executive, Official Charts Company stated, ‘Over their seven decades, the Official Charts have always strived to move with the times, reflecting consumption of new formats and all new ways of distributing music, as they have evolved.


‘Just as vinyl, 8-track, cassette tapes, CDs and even MiniDisc, DCC and DAT have been welcomed into the charts, we will also welcome Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) - and we will be delighted when the first album delivered as an NFT contributes to the chart, with Serenade and Muse leading the way this summer.

NFTs are a new, exciting format, the potential for which is only just beginning to be explored and I am sure will play a part in the Official Charts for years to come.’


Sebastian Simone, Vice President, Audience & Strategy of Warner Records UK adds: 'We're thrilled to be partnering with Serenade and the Official Charts Company on the first chart accredited NFT album format.'


Photo: Official Charts


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