NFT-backed film ‘Infinite Machine’ taps Decentraland, Lumiere to add Metaverse spin

The first-ever NFT financed film is coming soon.
May 30, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Versus Entertainment is teaming up with Decentraland and Lumiere to develop Metaverse-focused angles into an upcoming film ‘Infinite Machine’. The film will be a narrative of Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, adapted from Camilla Russo’s book sharing the same title. The film will be produced by Versus alongside Ridley Scott’s production company, Scott Free. 


The film will dive into Buterin’s story and the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, with Hong Kong and Singapore based entertainment specialist Lumiere working with Decentraland to curate cryptocurrency and NFT focused plots. 


Decentraland operates a virtual world powered by open-source technology, enabling users to expand upon it. The platform is also shared, owned and operated by the same users via Blockchain technology instead of a parent company. Lumiere is supporting the project by integrating the experience of the film and engaging its audience into the Decentraland Metaverse. 


With a budget of US$ 16million, the film is expected to conduct its third round of NFT issues in the coming months, making the project the first-ever NFT financed film. Reportedly, there are 10,499 exclusive NFTs in the collection from 36 artists, including works by Lucas Ribeiro, Marella Gonzalez and Eduardo Callegari. 


The majority of the funds from the NFT sales will be allotted to the movie’s budget (67.5%) and part of the proceeds will go towards the cast members (22.5%) and the Infinite Machine Dao (10%). 


'We are really proud that a company such as Lumiere and as important a film as ‘The Infinite Machine’ have chosen Decentraland to build their experience in order to interact with its community fan base. The link between movies, their communities and the Metaverse is already happening,' said head of film and entertainment at Decentraland Foundation,  Alejandro De Grazia, 


'We believe Ethereum is enabling a world where users and audiences are now owners and participants, and so ‘The Infinite Machine’ film itself should be part of that movement and enable the Ethereum community to participate in the creation of a film about the platform,' said Russo.


Photo: Infinite Machine NFT collection


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