Netflix partners with Decentraland to bring ‘The Gray Man’ to the Metaverse

Netflix enters the Metaverse with its new spy thriller movie - The Gray Man.
August 12, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

America’s popular video streaming giant, Netflix has teamed up with Decentraland for its new movie, ‘The Gray Man’, featuring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, in the Metaverse. 


Decentraland made a replica of the spy thriller’s The Gray Man labyrinth, players must find their way through using the knowledge of the movie’s plot.


The experience is accompanied by music from the movie and instructions by the main character,  Ryan Gosling. It was created in collaboration with the Electric Factory backed by the Decentraland Foundation, Netflix’s Latin American division. 


The art director of Decentraland Foundation, Shibuya said that by recreating a scene from the movie, they would attract players who have already watched the movie and would also encourage players ‘happen to be in Decentraland playing in the maze and gets them to watch the film.’


In a blog post, Decentraland gave instructions on how to navigate the maze, ‘Find the fountain in the maze and retrieve the USB with classified information, then get to the secret room to check your personal time and collect your rewards.’


Since the game launched on July 31, 2,000 players went through the maze and were rewarded The Gray Man wearables for their avatars and added immediately to their wallets. These included Sierra Six’s jacket, Lloyd’s mustache and polo shirt, and Miranda’s blazer and bob - signature looks as worn by the three main agents in the movie. 


The month-long gaming experience is a new way for brands to engage and connect with their fans through renting a virtual land for a short time for a specific project rather than purchasing it. 


Diego Alvarez, the senior business developer at The Electric Factory said that companies and brands experimenting with renting virtual lands today ‘are going to have a huge advantage tomorrow if they understand how this works and how people can interact’ in the Metaverse.


The game is ‘about having fun, about getting in touch with other people here. And that’s why we have this stimulus [trivia game] that makes you feel like you are always doing something.’ he added. 


Photo: Netflix


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