Nissan introduces art and electric SUV in the Metaverse

Nissan is emerging as a leading car brand into exploring the Metaverse to create immersive art experiences by leveraging existing 2D and 3D technologies.
July 25, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Nissan Motors is using innovative technologies to drive its new marketing campaign in the Metaverse - the creation of the all-electric crossover SUV Arita. 


Nissan will utilise the WebXR-enabled browser to create 3D and 3D immersive visual and interactive art revel which will be available for users to access across desktop, mobile phones and VR platforms.  


For the initiative, Nissan challenged 5 British artists to attract the brand new all-electric Ariya, highlighting its eco-friendliness as a ‘ray of hope’ of their respective towns. The 5 artists come from different ‘clean air UK cities’, including Unfashionable Manni (Birmingham), Tishri Barzanji (London), Janice Leung (Leeds), Neil Keating (Liverpool) and Antidote (Manchester). 


The artists drew inspiration from the undying Jap design Ariya and their own unique design styles for the exhibition that will take place in the Nissan Electrical Lab. The Metaverse house will host the exhibition featuring their artwork and showcase the new electrical automotive design to customers. A Meta Quest headset may also be used for 3D enhancements in the marketing campaign. 


The artwork will be showcased in digital and large format outdoor sites. When users scan the available QR code, they will be directed to the art landing page where they can explore the showroom. Instructions on how to connect two electric power leads together to open the artwork portal and explore the electrified city automatically appear, then the Nissan Ariya will descend onto the centre of the room while customers explore each piece of art. 


Nissan’s GB Marketing Director Nic Thomas said of the initiative, ‘The Japanese timeless design and innovation of the Ariya allows us to influence and explore new ways of communicating with our customers and I am very excited to be able to promote Nissan as one of the first car manufacturers to utilise the Metaverse in this immersive and inclusive manner.’ 


He added that this is only the start for Nissan to start exploring, experimenting and testing new ways to bring their electrified brand stories to life and showcase their product innovations in an environment that aligns with the company’s ‘innovative leadership brand values’. 


The marketing campaign will run for the next two months. Orders for the Ariya is now available and its first deliveries are expected to arrive in August. 


Photo: Nissan


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