Odyssey: A journey to guide creators into the world of Web3 and NFTs

Odyssey is a developing NFT project with a mission to ‘revolutionise the way creative industries operate and become a recognised hub that provides quality tools and support to the community.’
June 16, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

A new NFT project has emerged to drive inclusivity and innovation in the NFT and Web3 space. The Odyssey was founded with a goal to help creatives enter the space with supporting tools and other perks. While the project is still under development, read on to find out what we know about it so far. 


What is Odyssey? 


As its name suggests, Odyssey takes holders on a journey to navigate the NFT and Web3 space and support their goals along the way. The project seeks to give back to creators and supports them by connecting them to the Web3 space via a community, virtual and live experiences, airdrops, high-quality merchandise. 


Participants will be among like-minded individuals and share access to tools in a supportive environment. One of the first experiences users will get to explore on the platform will feature music, starring Taiwanese singer and songwriter Eric Zhou. Eric Zhou is crowned the ‘King of the lovelorn people' by the Taiwantese media for his ballads such as ‘How Have You Been’ and ‘Let's Not Be Friends Anymore’.


Giving back to creators 


Odyssey sets itself apart from other NFT projects with its deliberate approach on helping creators develop art, music and fashion and other creative endeavours along their Web3 journey. 


Odyssey Bank is a wallet that will hold 50% of all primary sales and secondary royalties generated from the NFT project. The funds will then be used only to build the Odyssey brand, create value and utility to give back to the community, according to Odyssey. 


What’s ahead for the Odyssey? 


Odyssey’s NFTs will be launched on the Ethereum Blockchain and adopt the ERC-721 NFT smart contract introduced by the Azuki team. The NFTs will also be available for purchase on all major NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, Looksrare, x2y2 and more. 


‘With NFTs, we see exciting opportunities for artists to create value directly for themselves and their community. Odyssey will be our venture into web 3.0 and we intend to make an impact. Hope to see you on the journey.’ wrote Odyssey in a blogpost. 


Ultimately, Odyssey aims to become a globally recoginzed brand by leveraging on the innovations surrounding NFTs, smart contracts, extensive entertainment and the experiences brought in by its founding team members. They are on a mission to help creators grow and earn from their creations in a supportive environment. 


More details of the project will be revealed soon, according to the founders of Odyssey. In the meantime, those who are interested can follow their social media channels for updates. 


Twitter: https://twitter.com/OurOdysseyNFT


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourodysseynft/


Website: https://www.ourodyssey.io/


Discord: Coming soon


Photo: Odysessy


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