Olyseum's non-fungible story to feature money heist stars

The company’s new project seeks to expand the possibilities of fan engagement, connecting stars, and fans through tokenized experiences.
December 11, 2021 - Tom Peters

On December 1, Olyseum announced its partnership with Spanish actor Álvaro Morte – popularly known for playing the Professor in the TV series Money Heist – for the world's first storyboard NFT metacollection dubbed Non-Fungible Story.

Olyseum revealed that the first episode of the NFS would feature Álvaro Morte.

Álvaro Morte is not the only one from Money Heist to partner on the project. Koldo Serra — co-Director of the series – is also involved. 

Koldo Serra will be responsible for creating the art for the entire project and will direct the story along with Álvaro Morte's creative involvement.

Speaking on the collaboration, Carlos Grenoir, CEO and co-founder of Olyseum, said: 

"Koldo is one of the most talented and recognized directors in recent years, with an innate ability to capture the imagination of millions of fans globally. Working alongside a director of Koldo's caliber is something spectacular for our metacollection. Álvaro Morte is one of the most influential actors at the moment. His perfectionism, overflowing creativity, and such intense social conscience and acting ability is going to be a real marvel for the NFS."

Koldo Serra added, "I am delighted to partner with Olyseum to write the world's first Non-fungible Story, carefully constructed from several narrative layers, and promote new cultural and artistic possibilities in our society. Together, and with the help of fans across the world, we can create a future by including the viewer in the storytelling and allowing us to create an innovative form of participation."

Olyseum's Non-fungible Story has plans to feature 111 celebrities – from athletes to movie stars to musicians and more – each of them part of the narrative and featuring their own NFT collection. Carles Puyol - former Spain and FC Barcelona player - is also one of the stars likely to appear.

Quoting the company's Medium post on the project,"The NFS will be a story about a cultural movement, an experiment to elevate art and culture in our society, to create powerful new tools for artistic expression, creating legendary stories with stars that will impact the world, and champion charitable causes." 

Fans will be able to influence the direction of the NFS storytelling using Olyseum's native token, OLY – allowing new levels of fan involvement in the production of art.

Álvaro Morte's NFTs will be available for minting on December 14, and selected holders of the NFTs would get the chance to interact with him. These interactions could be live meetings, Zoom calls, VIP passes to private events, or even a chance to act as executive producers of the NFS.

About Olyseum
Olyseum is a blockchain-based social platform built to bring stars and their fans together through digital assets while rewarding fan engagement.

The company was founded by neuroscientist and engineer Carlos Grenoir, prominent cybersecurity consultant Kevin Mitnick and former FC Barcelona players Carles Puyol and Ivan de la Peña.

Photo: Koldo Serra, co-director of MoneyHeist



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