OpenSea revises OpenRarity protocol following community feedback

OpenSea has tweaked some aspects of the OpenRarity protocol after a community member called out OpenRarity protocol for ranking NFTs without factoring in the rarity in its specific collection and labeled every NFT as below-floor price.
October 24, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

OpenSea has revised some aspects of the OpenRarity protocol after receiving community feedback.

Currently, the OpenRarity protocol ranks NFTs without specifying the rarity of the NFT in the specific collection, which a community member called ‘misleading.’


‘On OpenSea it just displays as a number in the collection view (#), then in the individual listing it just says “Rank x/x). Not Rarity, but Rank. It doesn’t say rarity anywhere,’ Spencer wrote on Twitter.

Spencer cited Moonbirds NFTs collection as an example, saying that since the collection enabled the OpenRarity ranking protocol, it destroyed its own market-driven rarity structure by making every single Moonbird NFT as below-floor price.  

OpenSea has made several changes to the ranking system by enabling users to see ‘rarity rank’ of an NFT and ‘rarity count.’ The rarity count allows users to filter items based on unique attributes before applying additional information about the NFT that elevates its rank. 

Photo: OpenRarity


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