Otherside Metaverse to hold load testing this week

First Trip is ‘for Voyagers only. A celebration of what’s to come and an opportunity for Voyagers to gather, explore, and plan,’ according to Otherside.
July 07, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

With the Otherside’s Metaverse ‘ First Trip’ game tech demo scheduled for launch on July 16, Yuga Labs announced two load tests in lead up to the launch. 


Otherside is the Metaverse game built on the Bored Ape Yacht Club IP in collaboration with British Web3 company Improbable. 


The load tests will take place on July 6 and July 9 respectively and aim to ensure a seamless launch of the Otherside Metaverse and assist in finding out the current breaking points of the First Trip project. 


‘The purpose of these load tests is to push the Otherside platform to its limits with the Improbable team. This will help inform exactly where the breaking points might be before the First Trip on 7/16, in order to create the best experience possible for the tech demo.’ explained the team in a Twitter post. 


The team also called on Otherdeed holders to join the testing to ‘help steer the Otherside platform in the right direction.’


The Otherside testing and the First trip are only available to North America and Europe-based users on desktop and laptop devices. All ‘Voyagers’ located outside these regions can access the demo via a private live stream. The team will post the website link to access the load test before the event. 


The load tests are token-gated, which means only holders with at least one Otherdeed NFT in their wallet can take part in either of these tests. The attendees will be verified through a live stream and will also be eligible to receive benefits linked to the First Trip. 


This ‘the first tech demo of the Otherside, for Voyagers only. A celebration of what’s to come and an opportunity for Voyagers to gather, explore, and plan,’ explains the Otherside website. 


In addition, Otherside has stated that there is no cap on the number of people that can participate in the tests. ‘The load test will start at 3,000 players and increase in 1,000 player increments every 2-3 minutes. Anyone who doesn’t get in because capacity has been reached for that 2-3 minute block will be able to retry in the next block.’ wrote the Otherside on Twitter.


Photo: Yuga Labs


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