PSG’s Kylian Mbappe joins NFT game Sorare as its first player ambassador

Sorare will also work with Mbappe’s charity IBKM.
July 05, 2022 - Tom Peters

Fantasy football NFT game, Sorare recently announced a partnership deal that would see football superstar Kylian Mbappe join the company as an investor and the first player ambassador. This partnership marks the World Cup winner’s foray into the Web3 space. 


Both parties will work together to expand sports fandom beyond the playing field while serving as a driving force for positive change in the global community. Sorare will also collaborate with Mbappe’s Inspired By KM (IBKM) charity to educate disadvantaged young people about Web3 technology.


Sorare plans to offer training, conferences, equipment, and a special diploma to the young beneficiaries of IBKM. It will auction a one-of-one digital trading card of Mbappe, and all the proceeds will go to IBKM.


Mbappe would be joining other big names in sports who are investors and have various roles at Sorare, including Serena Williams, Gerard Pique, and Rio Ferdinand. 


'Kylian is becoming our exclusive, long-term Ambassador as well as a major Investor,” tweeted Sorare founder Nicolas Julia. “Together, we’ll bring Sorare to millions of fans. Kylian will accelerate our mission to unite sports fans across the globe around a player-owned gaming experience.'


'Kylian is more than a football player,' Nicolas added. 'He’s a global icon who carries strong values on and off the pitch. Together, we’ll help underprivileged groups start their businesses and learn about Web3.'


Mbappe also commented on the partnership, discussing his vision of empowering young people and how Sorare was a perfect fit for his vision with its Web3 technology and enthusiasm for football.


About Sorare


Sorare is an NFT-based fantasy football game that launched in Paris in 2018. Players buy NFT cards of real-life football players and use them to form a virtual team to compete with other players for prizes. Players own their cards and can resell them on the game’s marketplace.


The game is sponsored by several firms, including Benchmark, Accel, and Softbank and currently boasts over 2 million users, raking in over US$ 346 million in all-time sales.


Photo: Twitter @ni2las


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