Pepsi to debut women leaders focused NFTs at 'Strength of a woman festival' this weekend

Pepsi is back with another NFT collection to honour pop culture and female representation in Web3
May 05, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Pepsi announced a partnership with Mary J. Bilge, Grammy winner and co-presenter of the inaugural 'Strength of a woman festival & summit' during Mother's day weekend in Atlanta, U.S. to debut a new Web3 female artists focused NFT collection.


These Web3 female artists include Rachel Winter (Remarkable Women NFT collection), Shaylin Wallace (digital and graphic designer specializing in surreal art), Amber Vittoria (It’s Because You’re Pretty NFT collection) and Varvara Alay (Flower Girls NFT collection).

Pepsi NFT collection available for all summit attendees

In partnership with Mary J. Blige and Live Nation Urban, the festival aims to promote, entertain, and educate women in the Web3 ecosystem. The lineup of female artists are Blige herself, Chaka Khan, Ella Mai and many more.

The events and activations in the festival are inspired by Pepsi’s heritage and contributions to the community, which include an NFT collection curated exclusively for attendees of the Summit and distributed as 'proof-of-attendance protocols'(POAPs) and available for free at the on-site digital kiosks on May 7. The POAP NFTs celebrate the brand’s iconic pop culture and the festival.


The 'Empowering Marginalized Voices with NFTs' panel will take place in the summit where attendees will discuss Web3, how different players in digital art and music industries can collaborate in the space. Most importantly, to empower and amplify marginalized voices.

Other goals in the summit include promoting Black-owned restaurants and chefs and celebrating their success.

Pepsi’s 2021 NFT project recap

In December 2021, Pepsi announced its first-ever NFT with 'Pepsi Mic Drop' genesis collection, to pay homage to the brand’s storied history in music and the variety of Pepsi flavours available. The NFTs feature variations of a microphone adorned with 50 different attributes, backdrops and accessories. Each NFT represents an iconic Pepsi flavour such as the classic blue Pepsi, silver Diet Pepsi, red Pepsi Wild Cherry, black Pepsi Zero Sugar and more.

What's more, strategic campaigns with celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kanye West, Savid Bowe have shaped Pepsi as a pop culture icon over the years.

Since 2021, Pepsi has initiated meaningful movements to make their mark in the Web3 ecosystem with a mission to promote inclusivity and celebrate pop culture. 


Photo: Pepsi


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