President Nayib Bukele announces meeting with 44 countries to discuss bitcoin

44 countries will be flying to El Salvador to discuss Bitcoin strategies, benefits and expansion plans.
May 16, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Yesterday night, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced on Twitter that 32 central banks and 12 financial authorities from 44 countries will convene in El Salvador for a discussion on ‘financial inclusion, digital economy, banking the unbanked, El Salvador’s Bitcoin rollout and its benefits to the country’ thus far, on Monday, May 16. 



The central banks attending includes several developing countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and more. Central Bank of São Tomé and Príncipe, Central Bank of Paraguay, National Bank of Angola, Bank of Ghana, Bank of Namibia, Bank of Uganda, Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea, Central Bank of Madagascar, Bank of the Republic of Haiti, and the Bank of the Republic of Burundi, Central Bank of Eswatini and its Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Jordan are among those who will attend the meeting. 


Over the weekend, Bitcoin’s price began a steady rise ahead of President Nayib Bukele’s announcement and made a comeback above US$ 30,000. 


El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender in September 2021 and holds the cryptocurrency on its balance sheet, accumulating more than 2,000 bitcoins at the time of writing. The country is eager to gather more insight on how to further their Bitcoin development in its growing economy. 


Photo: Getty, Twitter @nayibbbukele


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