QuickNode acquires NFT analytics platform icy.tools

The integration will unlock the immediate needs of NFT developers including pricing data, node infrastructure in a multichain environment and real-time NFT data for QuickNode users.
May 13, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

On May 13, leading blockchain technology provider QuickNode revealed it has acquired NFT analytics platform icy.tools. Together, the duo will integrate icy.tools’ API into QuickNode’s developer platform to enable QuickNode developers and businesses to access real-time data in the Web3 ecosystem.

Icy.tools will remain an independent product despite the API integration. 

Since the NFT boom in 2021, icy.tools has been providing NFT analytics and market reports to facilitate technical analysis on NFT sales. As well as to discover NFT mints early. NFT enthusiasts leverage this platform to track NFT sales and trending NFT projects based on their transaction history and portfolio value. Icy.tools is backed by the GraphQL API, which gives developers constant access to real-time NFT price and volume data, historical charts, traits and wallet data as well as market price data from OpenSea, Genie, LookRare and other NFT marketplaces.  


‘We're thrilled about the capabilities that will open up to our customers as a result of this transaction," said COO of QuickNode, Jackie De La Rosa. ‘This is a natural fit for QuickNode because NFT integrations require sophisticated blockchain infrastructure behind the scenes,’ she adds.

'We were already bullish on the power of QuickNode for developers but the acquisition of icy.tools puts QuickNode at the forefront of NFT development, creating an integrated Web3 development and analytics platform," said QuickNode owner Alexis Ohanian in the press release.


About QuickNode


Launched in 2017, QuickNode is a leading blockchain technology provider of APIs catering to Web3 companies and developers. The company raised US$ 35 million in a Series A funding round led by Tiger Global, along with Alexis Ohanian's Seven Seven Six, Soma Capital, Crossbeam, and Anthony Pompliano


Photo: icy.tools Twitter account


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