RTFKT’s Clonex NFT collection reveals plans for ‘forge’ merch drop

Nike and RTFKT’s latest NFTs further bridges the physical and digital realms.
September 01, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

RTFKT Studios, is dropping a 60-piece fashion collection that includes hoodies, sneakers, jackets, hats, and socks as part of its first forging event for Clone X NFT holders.

‘Forging’ event allows NFT owners to purchase digital and physical goods related to their specific NFT.

This specific forging event is the second phase of development for the Clonex NFT universe following its initial private mint in October last year. It allows holders to order merchandise tied to their avatar’s DNA traits across nine categories. These include Human, Robots, Demons, Angels, Reptile, Undead, Murakami, Alien, DNAS and Murakami Drip. Each holder can mint up to two items and mint an item from the Genesisx collection or a corresponding t-shirt for free.

In addition, each item except for socks and hats will be equipped with near field communication (NFC) tags, which makes them ‘phygital’ items . These items will allow the RTKT team to run merchandise-gate experiences. 


'With this drop, we aim to continue to inspire the next generation of what a phygital future can be,'said RTFKT’s Co-Founder Benoit Pagotto.

'Unlocking new looks via your Avatar and blurring the lines between your digital and physical identity is just the beginning. Clone X Forging is another step towards accelerating that future and letting our community be at the forefront of innovation,' he further added.

The collection is scheduled to go live today on RTFKT's website. and will be open to minting for one week.


RTFKT was acquired by Nike in December 2021, and has helped the sportswear giant create its most successful digital sneaker and fashion collectibles. RTFKT has been credited for helping Nike generate a whopping US$ 185.3 million in revenue from its NFT collections, helping the sports giant the brand outperform competing brands in the NFT space.

Nike and RTFKT’s latest phygital goods proves Web3’s capability in boosting the value of physical merchandise by further bridges the physical and digital realms. 


Photo: RTFKT


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