Ringo Starr to launch his first NFT collection on the Auction Block

Legendary Beatles drummer, at 81, is launching his first NFT collection and will grant access to his virtual gallery to successful buyers.
May 26, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Ringo Starr has become the first Beatle to launch an NFT collection next month on the Auction Block. His collection is titled ‘The creative mind of a Beatle’, and will feature five of his original artworks. 


The artwork features five of Starr’s original paintings: Galaxy One , Galaxy Two, Bandana Man, Starr Art and Crash - each being minted in editions of four. Each piece is   brought to life by an original drum composition recorded and played by Starr exclusively for this collection, with moving images of his legendary drumming style flashing across each NFT.

The collection will be auctioned off at the Auction Block on June 13. Julien’s Auctions will be hosting the auction, where fans can bid on the NFTs starting at US$ 1,000.

Fans who successfully acquire the NFTs will receive 25 x 25 canvas prints autographed by Starr and gain access to his exclusive virtual gallery ‘RingoLand’ via spatial.io on web, VR or mobile to view some of his favourite artworks along with a tour led by Starr himself. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the NFT collection will go towards The Lotus Foundation, which supports charitable projects ‘aimed at advancing social welfare in diverse areas’, including helping families going through economic difficulties, homeless people, animals in need, cancer and giving grants to children to fulfill their education.

In his Twitter promotional video, Starr expressed his respect and appreciation for art and the art community’s online presence.



‘I am excited to join this digital art community and look forward to learn and build in Web3. I have been doing art for many years, with paint, stencils, digitally, and spin art. It is really important to have a platform where you are in control of your art, and to be in control of how it is shared and appreciated.’ said Starr.


‘I only ever wanted to be a drummer yet you never know where a new idea or path will lead you,’ Ringo Starr said.


‘This new technology is so far out it’s inspired me and I loved creating these NFTs combining my art and my music. Who’d have thought I would be spreading Peace and Love in the MetaVerse.’


Photo: Getty, Twitter @thebeatles


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