Salvador Dalí enters the Metaverse with an immersive art exhibition

Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, hailed as one of the most versatile and prolific artists was the 20th century, will be showcasing his work in the Metaverse.
May 26, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Famed 20th century surrealist artist Salvador Dali is entering the Metaverse with an immersive art exhibition to allow fans to view his works from the comfort of their homes on September 20. The exhibition, dubbed ‘DALÍ CIBERNÈTIC’ or ‘Cyber Dali’ will use the Metaverse to showcase the artist’s 200 artworks. 

According to Spanish media platform El Periodico, visitors will be able to view the artworks using virtual reality glasses and enter the Metaverse with their avatars walking inside the painting.


The project is an international co-production of Exhibition Hub, a company that curates, produces and distributes exhibitions globally and Reality, an audiovisual production house that creates immersive content. They expect to host the exhibition in more than 20 cities that will last around four years.

The exhibition’s main feature is a realistic interaction with Dali, whose voice will guide visitors throughout the art gallery. This is a cutting-edge technology within the virtual art gallery sector.

Visitors will be able to walk and explore the four sectors of Dalí’s world- the sky, the sky, the void and the desert for 15 minutes while immersing in his most well-known works.

Executive director of the Digital arts center of Barcelona IDEAL - Jordi Sellas said that the initial goal when they founded the company was to make an exhibition that will be on par with the ‘great Salvador Dalí’. This ambitious project speaks to the goal. 


It is not yet known which Metaverse the exhibition will be hosted on. However, it can be considered as the first project to give ‘digital life’ to the artworks of the most important painters in history. The merge of the traditional art realm and the Metaverse is already taking place and we may see the world’s top art museums and auction houses building on top of the Blockchain and democratizing world-class art to the global masses.

Photo: Salvador Dali, Twitter @ peinadormatra


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