Samsung debuts blockchain-based security system for smart devices

Samsung just announced Samsung Knox Matrix, a private blockchain security system that interconnects its users’ smart devices to simplify login processes while protecting devices from unauthorized access.
October 14, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Samsung Electronics announced it is taking its device security experiences ‘to the next level’ by introducing a private blockchain-based security solution for its smart devices on Oct 13.

Named Samsung Knox Matrix, will enable monitoring of activity between devices in a multi-device environment. This includes sharing data device-to-device to make login processes more convenient and protect sensitive information between the devices. 

The goal of Samsung Knox Matrix is to protect users and allow them to enjoy the convenience of connectivity at the same time. 

‘Samsung Knox Matrix is set to provide the devices within a user’s ecosystem with fewer vulnerabilities through strong, diverse security practices,’ explained the company. 

‘With Samsung Knox Matrix in your back, a smartphone streaming to a TV or connected to an air conditioner become more secure,’ it added. 

Photo: Samsung


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