Samsung to launch new space in Fortnite Metaverse next week

​​After unveiling virtual worlds in Decentraland, ZEPETO, and Roblox, Samsung is set to launch its Metaverse island in Fortnite.
August 17, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

After unveiling virtual worlds in Decentraland, ZEPETO, and Roblox earlier this year, Samsung revealed at Galaxy Unpacked 2022 that it will launch its own island in the Fortnite Metaverse.


Samsung’s Fortnite Metaverse island, ‘Smart City,’ will open starting August 18 and celebrates the release of the brand’s newest foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4.


Samsung's Smart City is an exploratory virtual space replete with buildings, bridges and spotlights that resemble Samsung's new foldable phones and The Freestyle projector. 


The space is part of the Z Series Fun Game Quest, as it invites players to play ‘hide and seek’ games to find the new hidden Galaxy Z Fold 4 in-game item. The item allows players to unlock other in-game features for their avatars such as Nightography, which gives them enhanced night vision inside the game world.


Samsung Latin America said that Smart City is ‘not just about having fun, but above all about exploring and building relationships.’ Either way, it has gameplay elements and easter egg hunts for in-game loot.


In May this year, Samsung launched a Metaverse experience called ‘Samsung Superstar Galaxy’ on Roblox, which features pop star, singer and songwriter Charli XCX.  For a limited time only, users were able to live their popstar dreams by performing, dancing and creating in Superstar Galaxy alongside Charli XCX. 


In February last year, Samsung opened a virtual replica of its New York City flagship physical shop called Samsung 837X in Decentraland to promote their new products. Visitors were able to participate in the immersive and explorable experience via joining quests, unlocking NFT rewards, discovering product drops, and enjoying live performances.  


Photo: Samsung


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